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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  July 22, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> hello, everybody. i'm bruce johnson. thanks for joining us. here's the latest from colorado tonight. president barack obama met with the families of those gunned down in the massacre. he told them that he comes to them as a father and a husband. authorities say the suspected gunman, james holmes, is not cooperating. a memorial across the street from the theater is now growing. tonight, hundreds turned out for a vigil to the 12 who died
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and 58 who were injured. teresa garcia begins our coverage from aurora. ♪ you are the strength of my life ♪ >> reporter: the community of aurora, colorado, came together sunday for a vigil, remembering the victims of friday's shooting massacre. >> our city will be stronger and greater because of our adversity. >> reporter: president obama met privately with grieving families. he spoke to the media afterwards. >> it was an opportunity for families to describe how wonderful their brother or their son or daughter was. >> reporter: sunday's service at colorado community church focused on the massacre, including prayers for the suspected shooter, 24-year-old james holmes. >> james holmes has a mother and a father, and they are carrying a very big burden. so we forgive him, too. >> reporter: just across the street from the crime scene, mourners wrote messages on 12 crosses, one for each of the
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victims killed. police have finished collecting evidence from holmes' apartment. they want to know where he got the explosives and materials allegedly used in the shootings and in his home and are looking at dozens of deliveries over a four-month period. >> we're building a case to show this was a deliberate process by a very intelligent man who wanted to do this. >> reporter: holmes is in solitary confinement. he has his first court appearance monday morning when a judge is expected to tell him that he is under investigation for 12 murders. teresa garcia, cbs news, aurora, colorado. >> not surprisingly tonight the mass shooting reignited the debate over gun control and the ban on assault weapons. matt jablow picks up that part of the story. >> keep hope alive. >> reporter: 1700 miles from the scene of the largest mass shooting in the nation's history, members of jesse jackson's rainbow coalition were calling for solutions to the nation's epidemic of gun
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violence. >> stop the violence. >> reporter: magic johnson's movie theater in maryland was one of dozens of locations around the country, but a rainbow coalition held vigils today for the victims of the colorado massacre, and where they called on lawmakers to take concrete steps to try to prevent the next mass shooting. >> assault weapons are intended for mass destruction. >> reporter: step number one, according to rainbow coalition members, should be reinstating the ban on assault weapons which was allowed to expire 8 years ago. >> we are encouraging the ban on assault weapons, because those are weapons that are beyond self-defense. >> reporter: police in colorado say one of the weapons used in friday's attack was an ar-15 military-style assault rifle. >> there is no need for an assault weapon to be in the hands of just your every day citizen. >> reporter: new york city mayor michael bloomberg agrees. one of the country's most
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outspoken supporters of tougher gun laws, bloomberg said today on face the nation that president obama and mitt romney need to end their carefully guarded silence on gun control issues right now. >> it matters to you and me and our children and grandchildren, and it's time, i think, that we hold them accountable and say, okay, you want our votes. what are you going to do? >> reporter: mayor bloomberg pointed out as governor of massachusetts, romney signed a bill banning assault weapons, but has now apparently changed his view on the issue and obama while running for president in 2008 said if elected he would reinstate the federal ban on assault weapons, but instead spent the past four years avoiding the issue all together. matt jablow, 9 news now. tonight new information on the suspect james holmes. andrea mccarren who's in colorado, she's got a story you'll only see right here on 9. >> reporter: bruce, today we interviewed a gun club owner who says he got an uneasy feeling about the suspect as soon as he heard his voice. >> he had sounded very base,
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very gutterral type of growling stuff that was not real normal. >> reporter: glen, the owner of a gun range 50 miles east of denver was taken aback when he called james holmes voice mail to follow up on his online application. >> and the voice mail was a verylow-based gutterral sounding incoherent rambling deal that was strange, bizarre, a little freakish. >> reporter: holmes applied to the private gun club on june 25th. rockavich left three messages and never heard back. then he learned of the massacre. >> one of my staff members said what was the name of the person you flagged for us? wasn't it james holmes? i said, yes. she said that's the name of the shooter. >> he was relieved he followed his instincts and warned his staff not to let holmes into
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the club. >> my main reaction was thank you lord for not giving him to us so we wouldn't have to have that problem. >> reporter: he ordered $300 worth of tactical gear online according to this receipt. an assault vest, pouches to hold ammunition and a knife. the company said it is shocked and appalled. holmes may have used some of their gear in the massacre. police are now investigating several other packages that were shipped to the suspect's home and to the university of colorado over the last four months where the suspect was a graduate suspect. in aurora, colorado, andrea mccarren, 9 news now. >> of course, you'll want to stay here for the latest developments on the shooting and go to any time, 24/7, for new information. tomorrow morning, monday, the ncaa will hit penn state university with what cbs is calling tonight unprecedent
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sanctions following the jerry sandusky child sex abuse scandal. we're there tonight with exclusive details. >> reporter: the bronze statue of joe paterno that once stood outside the football stadium is gone. it was jackhammered from its foundation and hauled into storage on the eve of the university's judgment day. cbs news learned penn state football program will be spared the so-called death pebilitiy, meaning -- penalty meaning it will not be suspended a year or more but will include probation, loss of football scholarships, bans on bowl season bowl games and a hefty fine. >> penn state will wish they had the death penalty. that's how severe and punitive i'm told they're going to be. >> reporter: the penalties are being handed down after a report found that the late head football coach and other school officials covered up child sex abuse allegations against
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former assistant coach jerry sand urvegy. some members of the penn state community hoped the removal of the statue will convince ncaa to go easy on the university. others say it was torn down too soon and without good reason. >> they're making everybody upset by doing this. i mean, what's it really doing for the college or for ncaa? >> i think it will help out a little bit, but it's sad getting rid of memories. >> reporter: paterno died six months ago. his name will be kept on the campus library. the university president said it symbolizes paterno's substantial contributions to academic life at penn state. >> joe paterno's family issued a family saying the statue's removal does not serve the victims or help heel the penn state community. here in the washington area, people remain divided on whether the statue should be removed. we caught up with people near the national mall today. >> he covered it up. he didn't know what to do. in his mind this kind of thing
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wasn't even a reasonable thought. a child being molested by a friend of his. >> if you know something, you have to do something, okay? that's my opinion. should the statue have came down? absolutely. >> what about the library, name on the library? >> well, yes, i believe so. i mean, you know, ultimately the buck stops with him. >> certainly football revenue pays for a lot of other programs, so it will impact more than just the football team. it will impact all the other sports on campus basically, because a lot of them don't generate any revenue or any profit off of what they do, so they're dependent upon the football program. >> still any remorse for the kids who are playing? >> yeah, obviously they're a victim as well, right? so they're impacted by what happened at the university many years before they arrived. >> the white house says president barack obama says removing the statue was the right thing to do. white house press secretary jay
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carney told reporters today he believed, quote, it was the right decision for the university to remove the monument from outside the stadium. the 19th international aids conference is underway here in washington and people rallied today to remind world leaders that aids is a threat to go balance health. surae chinn was in the national mall and reports on why d.c. has a lot at stake in this. >> reporter: it's happening in the city with the highest rate in the country with people living with hiv. just under 3%. that number jumped to more than twice as many among black men. >> so it was a very traumatic experience for me. i think i was in the sixth grade at the time. >> reporter: kevin breckenridge lost his uncle to aids. he's part of the startling statistic, 80% of hiv patients in the district are black men. >> the family doesn't really talk about it a lot until something like this comes up, but he died way too early. he was in his 30s. >> reporter: the rally reminds
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people of the urgency for action while it empowers others. >> i have nothing to be ashamed about. hiv and aids is still affecting and infecting people. >> reporter: for a quiet reflection, people are visiting the aids memorial quilt, a remember minder of too many -- reminder of too many lives lost. mark was told he was hiv positive 17 years ago this month. >> i was told i would get skin infections in two years and die in five. and that luckily did not happen. it connects me with these people who have died. and it reminds me that it's just as deadly a disease as it ever was. >> reporter: but there's exciting new research and drugs that give those living with this deadly disease hope. >> drugs are what's keeping me alive right now. >> reporter: global leaders will be meeting all week and kevin breckenridge is hoping theme talk about the continuation of funding treatment so more people aren't added to the quilt or end up like his uncle. on the national mall, surae chinn, 9 news now.
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>> and the reports say aids has killed 35 million people world over. new information tonight in the 2010 campaign of d.c. mayor vincent gray. the washington post is reporting that the gray campaign obtained a database with the names of nearly 6,000 public housing residents it had targeted in get out the vote efforts. the poll says the date a base -- database appears to be an unauthorized use of government information. mayor gray says such information wasn't needed because of his already established contacts in the public housing community. meanwhile 9 news now learned mayor gray is meeting privately this week with leaders of the ward 5 democrats. ward 5 has a wealth of middle class african-american voters. the chairman of the ward 5 democrats confirms that council chairman phil mendelssohn will also be at that meeting. i believe it's on thursday. it comes as a post poll shows the majority of d.c. residents feel the mayor should resign because of a shadow campaign
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that spent more than $650,000 to help limb get elected in 2010. a deck collapsed and sent 20 people tumbling to the ground onloyalty road in leesburg, virginia. the victims were standing on the balcony and plunged 8 feet to the ground. three people were taken to the hospital. only as a precaution. most of the injuries were minor. still to come on 9 news now this sunday night, a neighborhood erupts after a police shooting. we're going to show you what happened. also a remembrance and controversy this weekend on the anniversary of the munich massacre. our dreary weekend is over and the dampness is down. a warmup for the work week and another chance for showers and thunderstorms. your wakeup weather starts out on the humid side but we'll dial up the heat getting back to the90s to start your week.
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in norman beach, florida, the walls of the old memorial medical center came tumbling down. [ explosion ]
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>> demolition experts took just ten seconds to bring the building to a crumbling heap. materials from the 45-year-old building will be recycled, the land will be seeded for grass and then eventually put up for sale. days before the summer olympics begin in london, israel marked the 40th anniversary of the munich massacre. prayers were read for the 11 israelis killed in september of 1972. wreaths were laid for them a few miles away from the olympic stadium. there will be no moment of silence for them at friday's opening ceremony. the ioc president says the opening ceremony is not an appropriate arena to remember the dead, despite pressures from politicians here in the u.s. and israel and germany. nights the ioc nor the london organizing committee was represented at sunday's service where a plaque featuring the
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names was unveiled. in california violence breaks out after a police shooting. protesters gathered outside the police station in anaheim after a 25-year-old man was shot and killed during a foot chase last night. some in the crowd threw rocks and bottles at officers. police responded by firing rubber bullets. a police dog escaped from a squad car and bit several of the protesters. before it was all over, several people had been arrested. overseas this sunday, bombings in iraq killed nearly 20 people. the bombers struck two suni towns as iraqis were preparing to break the ramadan fast. emergency responders moved on the scene near baghdad, a second car blew up. ten minutes later two roadside bombs ripped through an open air market in a town about 12 miles away. coming up tonight, something you don't see very often at the shopping center. what made this shopper so
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unusual. and now that the drizzle is over or is it? are we looking at clear skies next week? forecast coming up next.
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>> in pennsylvania, a wild night for shoppers at a suburban pittsburgh mall. a black bear cub somehow got into the mall, ended up roaming around a sears store. that sent startled shoppers running for safety. >> he was there when we were spazzing out. >> she did had a heart attack. >> they get on the speaker and are telling us to go to like a certain exit in the store. he came on again and said a few different things. the voice seemed calm but slightly panicked. we were walking casually. as soon as we get to about the exit, the one employee said there's a bear. we look at each other and run out. >> i'm not in my area here and i haven't heard of it in pennsylvania. i've heard of deer having incidents like this, but not a bear. >> a wildlife conservation officers were called in and managed to tranquilize the bear in the store before safely taking him out.
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>> must have been some heck of a sale. >> i was thinking the same thing. that's good stuff. what does it look like tomorrow, heading back to work, school whatever? >> i think we're seeing an improvement. the weather was damp and dreary yesterday. today we got a little bit of a rebound, but i think tomorrow we'll be back tomorrow at last of its temperatures will return to the 90s, so it will feel more like summer time, what we've come to expect this time of the year. outside right now, overcast skies. high humidity is very, very muggy at this hour. our temperatures have been setting at the upper 70s most of the evening. this will continue overnight tonight. a few areas will start to back down, but the humidity really isn't going anywhere. winds are calm to light mainly out of the south about 3 miles per hour. that has been holding our temperatures right around the 70s. we're going to be seeing mainly broken cloud cover overnight tonight, but as we start to track a cold front on the way, that will change things up for us as we head into monday afternoon and into tuesday. we can see showers and storms
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begin to bubble up. what you need to know as you get out and about tomorrow morning is that the meet is definitely going to be returning to the forecast this week. the afternoon showers and thunderstorms will be a feature both monday and tuesday and then i'm tracking that cold front. it slides through on tuesday, and then high pressure settles in by wednesday. temperatures should feel still warm but at least a little more comfortable. here's how we're looking tonight. overcast skies to start us out. a little bit of break in the cloud cover early morning by sunrise. by the afternoon, mostly and partly cloudy with 90 to 95 degree temperatures. those southwest winds will kick up a little bit closer to 10 miles per hour. and before the front comes on through, temperatures should have the opportunity to make it up into the lower to middle 90s, but as futurecast forecast models says, i'll push this up forward a little bit. by the 6:00 hour, the morning commute is fine. toward the early afternoon, we starting to see showers and thunderstorms begin to line up
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from west to east, and that's going to push on through. i would say around about 5:00, 6:00 it should start to die down a little bit and certainly by midnight, we're left with partly cloudy skies and then clearing into the overnight hours. the day planner on your monday morning, yes, it will be humid and a little bit sticky as you step out in the morning. we'll be very hot by noontime. the temperatures push quickly into the 80s and 90s by 5:00. because of the showers and thunderstorms in the afternoon, we'll also have a round of showers ahead of that front on tuesday. but by the time we get to wednesday, code green and things are looking fantastic. the 90-degree temperatures behind the front reflective of a shift in our wind pattern which will bring in northwesterly winds, drop the humid and keep temperatures to a reasonable level. the remainder of the week, we'll still see a good deal of sunshine even thursday and friday. however the overnight lows will stay a little bit on the muggy side into the 70s and definitely seeing the
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opportunity for some late day showers and thunderstorms returning as we get toward the end of the week, particularly on thursday and friday afternoons. and although i think compared to the 70 degree temperature we saw on saturday, i'm ready for the 90s to make it on back. >> all right, thanks, olga. the nats trying to keep the home fans happy. sports preview, next. [ male announcer ] where did all the obama stimulus money go?
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>> the nats playoff, who would have thought? let's think about that for a second. they haven't been in the playoffs. '80 and '81 was close. >> people thought they were a year away but i think they're speeding up the whole process. let's talk about today's game. a little bittersweet. eats been the team's best offensive player in the first half of the season. he passed on the honor of an all-star selection because of an injury that many didn't know he had. he's about to miss some time. davy johnson told reporters he has a tear in his oblique. an mri revealed the tear this morning. johnson said, quote, he's going down. johnson said he'll be calling up some help here immediately. desi has been toughing it out but now he's going to have to
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fit. >> kind of came back a little bit and i was ready for it to kind of go away like it did the first time. it just stayed, so you know, next page. >> next page. he doesn't look happy in the game today belonged to one man. ryan zimmerman, powering the 9- 2 win. he's been a different guy after the cortisone shot in the shoulder. it preserved the nats lead in the nl east division. much more coming up in sports plus. tiger woods had his chance but couldn't execute when it mattered today. once again another major passes and we have many more questions to ask about woods. coming up on the plus, we'll ask our golf expert about tiger and the collapse that was, not just about him. can you believe it, nfl training camp is were. wednesday, that is. the rookie robert griffin, iii, what should fans expect from him? is the line strong enough to
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protect him? what about the secondary? jarrett bell will answer all of the questions. a jam-packed sports plus coming up right after this. >> i have guys in the street better protected. want to recap for us? sure. we'll have cloudy skies in the morning. a little on the humid side but we'll definitely see that heat bubble back up. late day showers and storms a possibility, especially monday and tuesday. >> okay. thank you and thank you for watching. you can get updates any time online tune in for 25 monday for andrea and mike. have a great week, everybody. bye. at sleep number, individualizing your sleep is at the heart of every innovation.
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